Whether you’re doing a remodel or new build, finding the right contractor for the job should be your top priority. Drywall contractors handle just about every aspect of the job from start to finish—product, pricing, job quality, etc.—so make sure you find someone who will get the job done quickly and correctly.  

When searching for the right contractor, there are a few must-haves to consider to get the right man for the job. Keep reading to learn more about what makes a quality drywall contractor and how you can use this checklist for your search. 

1. Experience 

Just like any other job candidate or company, experience matters. While experience isn’t everything, drywall contracting is a learned practice that only comes from hands-on experience with materials, the building and contracting process, and customer service and communication. One of the best ways to find an experienced drywall contractor is by simply asking family, friends, neighbors, or your local drywall and insulation store for referrals. 

2. License & Insurance 

There is nothing more important than making sure your drywall contractor is properly licensed and insured! Drywall contractors and their employees are often exposed to risk and injury on the jobsite, so a strong insurance plan will protect any damages to employees and your property in the event of an accident. NEVER hire a drywall contractor without insurance or a license! 

3. Ratings & Reviews 

Any reputable drywall contractor will have ratings, reviews, and other examples of work they’ve completed in the past—if they don’t this a red flag. Whether it’s a physical portfolio or website and review pictures, look at past work to try to determine the quality of the job. While you’re at it, ask around for referrals and check out their online reviews to see what past clients have to say about their complete jobs. 

4. Ask Questions 

Just like any job interview, it is important to ask your potential drywall contractor a few questions to rule out anyone you won’t work well with. Aside from experience here are some questions to help you get to know your contractor:  

  • Do you use subcontractors? 
  • What is your estimated project time from start to finish? 
  • What is your payment schedule? 
  • How do I contact you? 
  • Do you have any references from past jobs? 
  • What vendors do you use and why? 

You can also throw in a couple questions about their crew and the company they work for. Don’t be shy- the whole point is to protect yourself and your property, so make sure you ask plenty of questions. Remember, they’re trying to earn your business!  

5. Price & Negotiations 

Part of the reason you should shop around for a drywall contractor and gather various quotes is to see who best fits your price point and expectations. Once you have multiple sources and quotes, you can then take the average to negotiate price and determine the quality of service through each contractor. When negotiating and determining price, always remember that job costs may vary based on the area, drywall type, and state of the property.  

Start Your Drywall Project Today with Drywall Material Sales 

Finding the right drywall contractor for your project is a crucial step in the remodel and build process that cannot be overlooked. When looking around for a new contractor, make sure you follow our contractor checklist and check all the necessary boxes: ask questions, check for licensing and insurance, read ratings and reviews, and ask questions! 

At DMS, we pride ourselves on building strong partnerships with our local contractors and vendors to deliver our promise of quality on all our jobs. To learn more about the products and materials we sell or get a contractor referral, give us a call today. Service is our specialty, and we’re always looking to help our customers!