As winter approaches and cold weather rolls in, make sure your home is insulated to keep you warm and save money on your bills.
Even if you’re not big into home renovation projects, installing insulation just requires the right tools, quality product, patience, and attention to detail.

Tools & Materials

Before you get started, there are a few tools and materials you’ll need to ensure you get the job done correctly. You’ll need the following to begin your insulation project:

  • Drill,
  • Utility knife,
  • Tape measure,
  • Caulk gun,
  • Caulk,
  • Insulation, and
  • Spray foam insulation.

If you don’t already have these tools on hand, you can visit your local drywall and insulation store.

Prep Work

After you get your materials, make sure you do the proper pre work to get your space ready for renovation. Follow these steps before beginning work:

  1. Check your city’s building codes. You’ll need to know what R-value your city recommends and if there are any vapor requirements you need to follow.
  2. Seal any gaps. Block any unconditioned air from entering the space you’re working on and pay attention to any plumbing or wiring.
  3. Measure between studs and joists. This will let you know what width of insulation you’ll need for your walls.

Now that you have the right tools and materials and prepped your space, it’s time to get to the fun part—the insulating process!

Insulation Tips & Tricks

Whether you’re an expert contractor or just learning the ropes, there are a few insulation install tips we like to give to our customers to ensure they stay safe while working and complete their project correctly and efficiently.

Safety First

You might not think a simple insulation job requires safety gear, but you know what they say: better safe than sorry.
To start, wear a long-sleeved shirt and long pants and check for recommended safety gear like dust masks, eye protection, and gloves. If you’re working on insulating and attic or crawlspace, invest in some knee pads and a hardhat to protect yourself from exposed roofing and nails.

Handle with Care

When working with insulation, handle with care. Open your insulation package carefully—it expands fast. Insulation is meant to expand, so instead of trying to compress it or fold it to fit a space, cut the insulation against a flat smooth surface and avoid wiring. You’ll need to cut or split insulation to fit it around wiring, electrical boxes, pipes, ducts, bracing, and other obstacles in your space.

Protect Your Pipes

Living in Colorado means dealing with cold weather—avoid frozen pipes by protecting them with insulation. Make sure that you also insulate your ductwork to help your cooling and heating system operate efficiently, to keep your home comfortable and save money.

Prepare for Winter Weather with Drywall Material Sales

We’ve heard that this winter will be a harsh one for Colorado—are you ready?

At Drywall Material Sales, we have everything you need to complete your insulation project. From quality tools and materials to unmatched expertise, we’re here to ensure you stay comfortable this winter.

Stop by one of our showrooms today to get the right insulation or your project or give us a call to speak with an experienced team member. And most importantly, remember these insulation install tips to get the job done!