When it comes to a remodel, it can be easy to get caught up in the fun aspects like floor plan, furniture, and color scheme. Compared to these more glamorous details, exterior sheathing might seem unimportant—however, structural elements like sheathing might just be the most important part.

Unlike furniture and paint color, sheathing is impossible to change later, so you must put a lot of time and thought into what products are best for your build. Exterior sheathing plays an vital role in every project and acts as a barrier between the inside and outside of a building. Simply put, it seals in air and helps you save money on your utilities. Saving money is reason enough to focus on sheathing!

Benefits of Exterior Sheathing

The Securock ExoAir 430 System is an exterior sheathing product with countless benefits for your project. Not only does the system become a base for siding materials, but it also efficiently controls air, water, and vapor throughout the building envelope.

The following are just a few of the benefits of this sheathing system:

  • It is moisture and mold resistant;
  • It is lightweight;
  • It is fire resistant; and
  • It is UV and weather resistant.

The ExoAir 430 is the perfect solution for trapping inside air, preventing outside air, and withstanding weather—something we need in Colorado! Another perk of ExoAir is that applies like regular sheath so there will not be a learning curve for installers.


Not only is the ExoAir 430 weather resistant, but the technology behind the system is extremely innovative when it comes to installation efficiency.

USG and Tremco combined their expertise to create this sheathing product using USH Securock Brand UltraLight Glass-Mat Sheathing and a factory-applied Tremco ExoAir fluid air/water barrier membrane. These materials were used to help save you and your project from any types of setbacks due to changing weather conditions, increasing overall installation efficiency by 70% compared to traditional sheathing and air barriers.

Efficiency & Elasticity

There is a 40% reduction in air barrier installation with the Securock ExoAir 430—since the air barrier membrane is factory-applied, there is no wait time for the fluid air barrier to cure.

There are also risks that will be avoided with factory-applied air barrier membranes. One risk with fluid air barriers is if an applicator applies a heavy build can cause for the fluid to never reach the sheathing. Another issue that could happen when using a fluid air barrier is small voids caused by material being pulled by the screws used to install the sheathing. With the Securock ExoAir 430, you will not have to worry about any of this!


With an extremely durable membrane, it will be able to handle all hardships of the construction process. Since this product is an exterior sheathing, it is important that it withholds the UV from the sun and the ever-changing weather conditions. Rain and snow will not cause for delays in projects—a big win for Colorado winter projects!

In fact, once the air barrier is installed on one floor, the interior construction will be able to begin right away. This allows for installers to save time and for the project to be completed faster allowing for the building to be used for its sole purpose.

Premium Exterior Sheathing for Your Project

When it comes to exterior sheathing for a project, the Securock ExoAir 430 has unbeatable benefits—durability and efficiency are always of importance when building anywhere, especially in dramatic climates like Colorado.

Drywall Material Sales is always looking to bring innovative products to our customers to help them builder easier, smarter, and faster. For more information about the Securock ExoAir 430 or get a quote for your project, contact us today.